About Us

Atlantic Well Drilling’s owner, Glenn Battschinger, is a 20-year Veteran of the US Army. A Green Beret and current Civil Affairs Officer, he has four combat tours under his belt. Two tours in Afghanistan, a tour in Iraq and a tour in Somalia. In each of these war-torn countries, he has specialized in Stability Operations where water was essential to regain civil stability after combat operations. Using extensive well drilling experience gained in the State of Maine and municipal water project management experience with American Water, the largest water company in the world, Battschinger has drilled wells in each of the countries he has served.

His water expertise has contributed immensely to setting the stage for TREVI Group, the world’s largest dam construction company, to mobilize to the Mosul Dam in northern Iraq by conducting an extensive reconnaissance and assessment under hostile conditions of ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Dam’ for the US Army Corps of Engineers in 2016. Battschinger was sent in to figure out how US Forces could get into the dam site and what it would take to get a 24/7 drilling and grouting operation underway 14km from the front line of ISIS and Kurdistan. The dam was taken over by ISIS in 2014, destroying critical machinery and operational processes that were essential to maintaining the stability of the dam and was retaken shortly thereafter by Kurdish forces.

He was an essential advisor for the United Nations, The Somali National Government and Coalition Forces in reestablishing public drinking water supplies in southern Somalia in 2014. The terrorist organization, al Shabab, would destroy water wells as they fled key terrain, leaving the civilian population with no alternative but to abandon their villages until government assistance could get into the villages and rehabilitate the destroyed water well(s).

Battschinger also was a key influence in bringing water wells to over 30 villages in eastern Afghanistan between 2009 and 2012 and has served as an advisor to the US Army Corps of Engineers as water well drilling capabilities were being brought to the Afghan National Army in 2017.

Atlantic Well Drilling is a small drilling company providing turnkey domestic, irrigation and agricultural water solutions to southern NJ. It offers honest, reliable, reasonably priced well drilling, pump and treatment service for discerning landowners. We are profoundly ethical to the values of our trade and to the service of our customers.