Deep and Shallow Well Jet Pumps

There are two types of Jet Pumps: shallow (or point well) jet pumps and deep well jet pumps. Shallow well jet pumps usually are limited to depths of no more than 25 feet deep. Deep well Jet pumps can be used on wells up to 200 feet deep.

In shallow well jet pump units the ejector is mounted in or attached to the pumping unit or housing. The jet is connected to a suction line that extends from the pump into the well where it is situated below the water level. When the pump starts the impellers force the water through the injector. A vacuum is created at the nozzle discharge and draws the water from the well into the pump. The vacuum that is created reduces the pressure inside the system resulting in high pressure outside pushing the water up the suction pipe into the pump. Part of the water is re-circulated through the pump keeping the vacuum in the system. This system can be commonly referred to as a one pipe system as it only has one pipe going out of the unit and down into the actual well.

In a deep well jet pump unit the ejector is submerged down in the well. The centrifugal pump that is located in the residence forces water down the pressure or drive pipe. This pipe is connected to the nozzle side of the ejector. The water flows to the ejector and creates a vacuum that draws the well water into the ejector. This water then flows up the second pipe also known as a suction pipe. Like the shallow well unit, some of this water is used to re-pressurize the pump and the rest of the water goes to feed the system. This system is commonly referred to as a two pipe system as it has two pipes coming out of the unit to the drive line going into the well and the suction line returns to the pump.

Atlantic Well Drilling services and installs all makes and models of water well jet pumps. Our main line for Jet pumps is the Gould’s Jet pump series. The most common complaints associated with jet pumps would be loss of prime (associated with power loss), low pressure (due to worn nozzle impellers) air in the lines, the units are very noisy. If you have jet pump problems, give us a call for alternatives.