Submersible Pump Installation & Service

Submersible Pump Installation & Service

We only offer conventional submersible pumping systems and Constant Pressure systems. Constant Pressure has shown its value especially under commercial, geothermal and irrigation applications. Atlantic Well Drilling not only offers pumping systems for wells but also Booster pumping systems for municipal water users who desire a more consistent or stronger water pressure.

Submersible pumping systems are easy to install and operate, and have improved electrical and mechanical design compared to the jet pump systems of the past which is why they are the standard system in terms of installation. The submersible pump is submerged under water in the actual well hence the name.

The submersible pump itself consists of a multi stage centrifugal pump. The wet end of the pump is what determines the output of water. There is a series of plastic or stainless impellers (number of impellers determines the capabilities of the pump) inside this portion of the submersible pump unit that rotate on a shaft that connects to the pump motor colocated with an intake screen. This is what draws the water into the wet end and up into the drop pipe and into the residence. Atlantic Well Drilling always installs stainless steel pumps with plastic impellers. Thermo-plastic impellers are more forgiving when sand sediment is present in the system. Stainless impellers are an alternative to be used, however even the smallest particulate can cause the motor and impellers to seize shortening the lifespan of the system. The term ‘stainless pump’ is often used to describe the type of base motor bracket and top end check valve housing not necessarily the impeller type.

When sizing a pump many factors are taken into consideration: the flow and depth of the well, length from well to the point of entry, desired pressure and flow. The designer must take all these factors into consideration when establishing the final system. Every aspect down to the size wire and pressure tank to be installed must be designed to meet requirements specified by the well’s output.

Atlantic Well Drilling installs and services all makes and models of pumps. We install and service 4” and 6” submersible well pumps from 5 GPM to 125 GPM and from a ½ hp pump to 50 hp.